This spring, I started a Substack newsletter about life. It was going swimmingly-I was religious about my weekly updates about where and when I cried in public, and the journey I was on to reclaim my mental health. As summer approached, I took a week off from writing, and that…

The first work trip in 15 months proved a lot to take in.

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I opened my work tote for the first time since March 2020. It was like a time capsule–a preserved artifact of a more innocent time. The first thing I pulled out was a set of tasting notes…

The author at the finish line

Over the last year, I’ve done a lot of work to make sure being physically healthy is a healthy pursuit and not a distraction from the harder work of being mentally and spiritually healthy. I have done things I said I’d never do and run distances I never thought possible…

How a group of fitness instructors I don’t know in real life became my own personal advisory board

I am a very vivid dreamer. In another era, I might have been the town fortune-teller, later to be burned at the stake for my claims of premonition and symbolism in dreams…

A response to the Family Matters Writing Prompt

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2020 was full of a lot of tantrums… grown-up tantrums. By me.

When my teenagers were toddlers, I could predict a tantrum a mile away. There was always a predictable precedent; there was a confluence of factors that combined to create the perfect conditions for a storm. Much like jet…

WARNING! THIS ARTICLE HAS SOME SPOILERS FOR THE MOVIE SOUL IN IT! I’ll warn you when we get close, and when it’s safe to keep reading. For now, you’re OK.

When my children were young — around ages 2, 4, and 6 — I used to make them hide their…

By Dr. Sarah Martin and the mySidewalk Health Squad

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Volume 7: Hindsight

Dearest Readers,

The goal was 12.

On January 1st, I made a lot of predictions for the year, as I’m sure you did too. My new planner came equipped with a vision board section right at the front. I was prompted…

By Dr. Sarah Martin and the mySidewalk Health Squad

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Volume 6: Curation

Dearest Readers,

I’m staring at the sun setting over the Kansas side of my house. I live in a neighborhood in Kansas City, Missouri, that is very close to the state line. I can see KS from my backyard. The sky…

I ran my first 10k race on Sunday. It was not my first time running 10k, but it was my first time running it “officially” — masked at the starting line, distanced and sanitized.

I woke up excited at the possibility of beating my goal. You know those moments in…

Earlier this week, I almost got hit by a G-Wagon.

Of all the cars to be almost hit by, I’m glad it was this one. I envisioned the driver getting out of the vehicle and wailing over my injured body–begging me not to report him, saying something like, “I will…

Dr. Sarah Marie Martin

Lover of politics, data viz, storytelling, tech, and oversharing. Public Health champion, Policy PhD, and VP of Health Solutions @ mySidewalk.

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